Grand Tasting Masterclasses & Exhibitor List Announced

The Grand Tasting is only a few weeks away! We are thrilled to share more exciting news about the event with you.

In addition to 100+ different sakes to taste, we are pleased to announce that Grand Tasting attendees can choose to sign up for an optional masterclass on the evening to further enhance your experience!

BSA Grand Tasting line up

Please note: In order to book a place for the masterclasses, you must already have purchased tickets for the Grand Tasting event.

The fee to join a Masterclass is £5 per person, in addition to your Grand Tasting ticket cost. We expect demand for the masterclasses to be high, so we recommend you purchase your place in advance. You can do this by checking the e-newsletter you should have received or by contacting BSA directly.

To ensure as many guests can take part as possible, we are limiting participation to ONE masterclass per person for now, but if there is still availability on the night it may be possible to join the other masterclass if you wish.

Kuheiji Masterclass (6-7pm) – Sponsored by Japan Centre

Kuheiji Kuno is the 15th generation owner of a sake brewery dating back to 1647. Kuheiji-san brews the finest Junmai Daiginjo from rice the brewery cultivates itself in Hyōgo and Okayama prefectures, and has more recently made strides into winemaking in Burgundy, opening Domaine Kuheiji. This Masterclass is a special opportunity for attendees to learn about this unique sake brewery from Kuheiji-san himself, while tasting four examples of the brewery’s sake.

Photo of Kuheiji Kuno
Photo of Kuheiji Kuno. Image courtesy of Japan Centre

UPDATEThe Kuheiji masterclass is now SOLD OUT! If you missed out though, don’t fear – you can still meet Kuheiji-san and try his very special sakes at Japan Centre’s table at the Grand Tasting! Your Grand Tasting ticket will give you the chance to taste Kuheiji’s sake, as well as over 100 more types. Visit the link above to book your ticket!

Sake in Modern Cocktails Masterclass (7:15-8:15pm) – Sponsored by Shibuya Underground

Renowned Cocktail and Sake Bar Shibuya Underground from Birmingham will be showcasing a selection of cocktails using sake, discussing the state of the UK market with respect to sake cocktails, and giving a window into what the future holds. Attendees will have a chance to try three cocktails made using premium sake:

‘Rice’ (Daiginjo — Chocolate — Vanilla)
‘Sumo’ (Imozake — Koshu — Chocolate Cookie)
’Tamagozake’ (Brandy — Honjozo — Cinnamon Shōchū — Vegan Eggnog)

Photo of a sake bottle and glass on a table
Image courtesy of Shibuya Underground

Current Exhibitor List:

Grand Tasting Food Menu:

  • Crispy pork belly congee (Asian rice porridge) with wilted greens
  • Risotto nero (squid ink risotto) and chilli squid
  • Macaroni cheese with vegetable ratatouille (VEG)
  • Cheese platter with membrillo and oat crackers
BSA crispy pork congee bowl 2021
The hit crispy pork congee bowl from 2021 – making a return on this year’s menu!

To confirm your food choices, please ensure you have already booked a ticket for the Grand Tasting. You can then follow the link below or in click the link in the e-newsletter.

Thank you for supporting the British Sake Association.

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