Who We Are


Yokoso – welcome! The BSA is a not-for-profit organisation (est. in 2006) that provides opportunities for people to taste a wide range of sake, and to meet brewers (Toji/杜氏) and others in the sake world by:

  • promoting understanding and enjoyment of sake.
  • promoting correct storage, serving and drinking of sake.
  • widening the scope of sake-drinking by pairing it with non-Japanese food.
  • strengthening and preserving the tradition of sake-making in Japan.
  • acting as a conduit between Britain and Japan.
  • supporting sake education leading to professional qualifications.

The BSA Team

Shirley Booth

Co-founder, President and Chairman

Shirley is an award-winning filmmaker and food writer. She has lived in Japan for several years and founded the British Sake Association in 2006.

Paul Masters


British Sake Association Chairman: June 2008 to March 2021. Paul is also a Director of Corney & Barrow Hong Kong Limited.

Marie Cheong-Thong


Marie is the Sake Knowledge and Education Director at the British Sake Association, and a certified sake and shochu educator with the WSET and JSS. She is also a Member of Circle of Wine Writers and Association of Wine Educators.

Brian Smith

Company Secretary (and Acting Memberships Secretary)

Harriet Furze


Harriet is a freelance wine and sake consultant and publisher, and an International Sake Judge with the IWC.