New SSI Kikisakeshi course in London this June

Enhance your sake enjoyment with education!

There are only a few weeks left to enroll for the London SSI Kikisakeshi course!

BSA Friends Satomi Dosseur of Enshu Limited (former sake sommelier at ZUMA) and Oliver Hilton-Johnson of Tengu Sake will be teaching the SSI Kikisakeshi course in London from June 30 – Jul 2. This is a great opportunity to enhance your sake enjoyment by advancing your knowledge and tasting experience in a fun and supportive environment. 

The SSI (Sake Service Institute) has offered the official Kikisake-shi course, Shochu Advisor and Higher Certificate in Sake and Shochu Education for over 30 years, with a proven track record of student success. Enshu Ltd is the only accredited provider of SSI International’s Kikisake-shi course in the UK. You will cover basic knowledge of alcohol and sake, ingredients, history and the sake making process in depth, alongside training in sake service and tasting skills including how to write tasting notes, identify aromas and flavours, choosing appropriate sake service ware and so much more.

Satomi Dosseur of Enshu Ltd teaching the SSI Kikisakeshi course.

The course is classroom based for 3 consecutive days (June 20 – July 2), followed by a one-day exam on July 22. 

Enshu Ltd and the British Sake Association are delighted to offer an exclusive 5% discount off the course fee for current BSA members.

To book, visit the Enshu Ltd website and include your BSA membership number in the registration box. 

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