Two BSA members confirmed onto JSS course

The British Sake Association is delighted to announce the fabulous news of two current members who have successfully gained places on the annual Japan Sake and Shochu Makers’ Association Academy (JSS) Educational course: they are Henry Thorogood, a BSA committee member; and Elizabeth O’Connell, a BSA member since 2018, and a fantastic student who completed her WSET Sake levels 1 and 3 under the ‘Zero to Hero’ path, as well as her Sake School of America Shochu Adviser course, also under Marie’s tuition following her mantra and motto “Failure is NOT an option”. Well done and congratulations.

As many of you know, the JSS course is highly reputed and very competitive with applicants worldwide fighting for the fifteen or so places. “The experience is phenomenal. Enjoy your sake and shōchū journey. And Good Luck.” says Marie.

Other BSA members who are alumni of this JSS course include: Marie Cheong-Thong, Oliver Hilton-Johnson, Stephan Koch, Miho Komatsu, Sarah Stewart, Tony Yip and Toshio Ueno.

Written by Marie Cheong-Thong chairman, BSA and Shirley Booth, President

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