15th April – Ceramic Workshop with Imahiko Kawamura (past)

A special event, exclusively for the British Sake Association.

In this workshop you are invited to make your very own sake pots with the renowned Japanese potter Imahiko Kawamura. Ima-san will guide you as you make a choko (cup) and either a tokkuri (bottle) or katakuchi (lipped dish for pouring sake), using a slab or coiled technique (no wheels).

When: Monday 15th April 2019  from 6.30- 8..30 pm
Where: 100 Richmond Avenue, Islington, London N1 0LS (nearest tube: Angel) 

Cost:  £45 Members £55 non-members (includes all materials – for two vessels – glazing and firing.) Japanese nibbles and of course some sake to keep you going! Bookings via events@britishsakeassociation.org


About the Event

As this is primarily a ceramics event we will present one sake only, but at two or three different temperatures: room, chilled and warm, so this will be a chance to try out different drinking vessels, and different temperatures. Throughout, Ima-san and Shirley will chat informally about ceramics, as well as introducing us to some of the guiding principles of Japanese tableware. 

We will begin at 6.30 prompt and pack up at 8.30. At the end of the session Ima-san will take your pots away, and glaze and fire them for you at her kiln. Finished pots will be returned to you after firing (details of how we do this to be confirmed on the night)

Imahiko Kawamura is a ceramic artist who exhibits regularly at museums and galleries in the UK and Japan. She specializes in making decorative porcelain vessels and vases with a crystalline glaze, using methods based on Japanese tableware. She enjoys passing on her extensive knowledge of working with clay to all levels, as well as introducing Japanese tableware and the history of Japanese ceramics.

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