Hyper Japan 2013

This year’s Hyper Japan was bigger and better than ever! Although somewhat youth orientated there are still a few things that would appear to the more mature consumer, one of them being sake!

The Sake Experience held every year usually sees around 8-10 brewers or their representatives showing their wares. There is opportunity to try about 20 sake and purchase a select few after at a reduced rate. The event is ticketed and entry is around £20 (as you have to buy entry to Hyper Japan). The organisers also ask you vote on a variety of criteria including, ‘favourite sake’, ‘best label’ and ‘best sake for a gift’. Results will be announced later in the year.

This year the competition was quite stiff with representatives from some big breweries – Dassai, Ichinokura, Urakasumi, Nanbu Biijin top name but a few. Dassai’s Daiginjo 23 was voted “People’s Favourite Sake” last year, let’s see if it can retain the title.

Our President, Shirley, and Sake Educator, Oliver, were there to try the range. Of particular note was a sparkling sake from Dassai. It was extraordinarily dry (unlike the majority of sweet sparkling sake) and a real champagne contender. We were very impressed!

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