Sake in the Media



Kanpai Sake in Peckham – UK’s first British Brewery:


Latest sake news: – Came across this nice BBC radio programme  ‘The Sake Revelation’

Sake in the Times Report on Sake brewey to open in Cambridgeshire


Tony McNicol on Sake in the UK


Sake is a product with its own pedigree and culture – Wine writer, Anthony Rose, talks about the current sake market and scene


Sake Never Fights with Food  – BBC writer, Ramona Andrews, discovers the delights of sake.

Sake, Not Wine, With French Cuisine? – Artile on Wine Zag


Bored with reds and whites? Pair sake with non-Japanese meals – US article


Is the Sake revolution finally taking off? – An article on Sake and Food by Fiona Beckett on her Matching Food and Wine Site.


Completely Sake – Famous wine journalist Jancis Robinson, being initiated into the ways of sake by BSA Director, Master Brewer and only British Toji, Philip Harper.


Q and A with Philip Harper (word document)

Press Releases

2013 IWC news

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