Where to get Sake

There are a number of suppliers of Sake in the UK. Here are a couple:

 Tengu Sake:International Wine Challenge Innovator of the year 2016 imports good Sake from a select group of Japanese breweries


 Or you could try Japan Gourmet:

Japan Gourmet icon

 At present many supermarkets try and and sell Sake. Sainsbury’s sells Doragon sake, which is made in the Netherlands. They used to sell Hakutsuru which is fairly decent but have now stopped. They’ve written an article on Sake which is good:


Waitrose on the other hand does Sawanotsuru again not bad. Tescos sells Choya and Doragon as well. Most of these are what are called ‘Futsushu’ or basically table wine.

Sake Samurai has a further list here : http://www.sakesamurai.co.uk/where-to-buy-sake/

2 thoughts

  1. Can you help please , i am looking for an ingredient – spring honey sake – any ideas as to where this might be purchased from ? Many thanks Anthony Holmes

    1. Hi Anthony,

      This is not a product I’m familiar with – where had you had it before? Seasonal sakes are quite hard to come buy with any regularity in the UK (as it takes so long for the sake to get here unless it’s flown). You could try the Japan Centre or Hedonism Wines, perhaps?

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